torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Bussgaraget 22/10 2011 - Bates-territorium

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  1. Ha ha...did you meet the guard dog?

  2. @Bates: No guard dogs in those two ships when I was there. Maybe they are still in the two ships towards Celsiusgatan. Didn't go there. Once when I was looking through the window in the door they came crashing against it, two beasts that looked and sounded really crazy. I guess they weren't there when you were painting, or do you have some magic skills with murder dogs...?

  3. I spotted a hole in the fence,and made my magic indoor during the weekend,as soon as they noticed I've been there(monday)i saw them coming,they put the dogs inside...thats why i didnt go back..
    feel free,if you got other great abandon locations,let me know...Tx
    P.s keep up the good bloggin'
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